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Meriton North Sydney

Client: Meriton
Architect: Tony Caro / Meriton
Status: Complete

80 Arthur St North Sydney is a 30 storey serviced apartment development. enstruct has developed an innovative steel framed structural system for the floor plate which will see the first use of a steel framed system of this nature in Australia for residential construction. The floor system consists of universal column sections as primary beams supporting a deep trapezoidal floor decking in the secondary direction allowing a structural floor depth of 290mm to be achieved maintaining the 3050mm floor to floor height originally intended for a concrete framed building. The structural steel system reduces the building structural weight by approximately 40%, cost neutral in comparison to a concrete framed system, reduces the number of construction workers and deliveries required to site and minimises overall project program. enstruct has been engaged by Meriton for services from development of concept through to construction phase services.

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