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As a major contributor to greenhouse gases, the property industry, including tenants, has recognised and placed value on the green building movement, such that sustainability has become a key performance criterion for all contemporary building design.

These aspirations have set new values on many fundamentals of our industry including materials, construction methodology and engineering systems. 

As engineers we seek to incorporate these new values into our design without penalising the delivery and viability of the project.  An example is the use of recycled materials to replace cement in concrete mixes - referred to as ' green concrete '.  Green concrete achieves comparable strength to conventional concrete, however, does so over a greater time period, which effects construction cycles and project programmes.  Innovative engineering is required to compensate for this effect.

This was a key consideration at 1 Bligh Street Office Tower, Sydney  which has set the benchmark for green building design in Australia.

6 Green Star & Targeting 6 Green Star Projects
1 Bligh Street, Sydney
60 Martin Place, Sydney
105 Phillip Street, Parramatta
Australian Technology Park
Macquarie Exchange, MQX4
Two Melbourne Quarter