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Structural Fire Engineering

Fire in a building is a serious event, and most of the BCA is devoted to dealing with it. But these days, the traditional prescriptive approaches to structural fire resistance are often too limiting, and a performance-based design can be better and more economical. Often, finding the best solution needs a deep and intuitive understanding both of fire and of structures. This is where enstruct  contributes, bridging the gap in project teams and providing creative solutions to structural design for fire performance.  

We understand how structures behave in fire and we work with clients, certifiers, fire engineers, architects and builders to provide specialist input, both on our own structural designs, and as a separate service to others.  We provide structure and fire design for new works, evaluate fire performance of existing buildings and assess damage to structures post-fire.

 This part of our work is led by John Hewitt. John has over 15 years experience in structural fire safety plus 30 years experience in high-end structural design on a wide variety of projects. He was leader of the Arup Fire Sydney group for four years and also teaches structural fire engineering at the University of Sydney.