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Parramatta Square

Client: Walker Corporation
Architect: Bates Smart
Status: Design Competition

An invited design competition for the proposed Walker residential tower has been awarded to Bates Smart. The base scheme delivers a building height of RL 243 and 42,500sqm of NSA and the enhanced scheme a building height of RL 306. enstruct assisted the Bates Smart submission in developing an efficient structural system for this super high rise tower. The lateral system is embedded in the building architecture with a central core coupled to perimeter columns via outriggers and belt trusses at the buildings plant / amenity levels. The structural design also allowed for a jump start to the primary structural frame via composite steel columns supporting a composite floor, at the underside of the first typical floor. This highly efficient structural system and construction methodology is regularly used in commercial office towers, and rarely possible in residential towers. Structure and architecture hand in glove.

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