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Road Design

enstruct's civil group are experienced in the design and construction supervision of public and private roads for clients such as Roads and Maritime Services, Transport for NSW, local councils and private developers.

The efficient design of a roads vertical and horizontal geometry can substantially reduce the overall project cost and program for a large scale road project.

The careful consideration of road cross sectional geometry will also have an impact on the suitability of the road for its intended use and can also impact on the stormwater drainage and service reticulation below the road.

enstruct's civil group use cutting edge 3D modelling technology to design the geometric requirements for roads.  The utilisation of this technology decreases the impact of geometric changes on the design which in turn allows for greater freedom to interrogate a design and ensure the final design outcome is not only compliant but also efficient and suitable.

The team also used 3D modelling to assist in the coordination of utilities and stormwater drainage below road corridors.  This reduces the risk of service clashes during construction.

Key Projects:
North West Rail Link
Wagga Wagga Council Infrastructure
Kempsey Hospital Development

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