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Pavement Design

The efficient design of a road pavement will not only help reduce the construction cost of the works but will also ensure that the design life of the pavement is maximised reducing maintenance costs over the life of the pavement.

enstruct's civil group have experience in the design of a wide spectrum of pavement types both rigid and flexible.  The team have designed pavements for an array of uses from public roadways to airport and shipping docks.

Often pavements are constructed above poor subgrade materials.  Enstruct's engineers are experienced in assessing geotechnical investigation output and incorporating subgrade remediation works to minimise the impact of poor subgrade on the pavement construction.

Using the latest in design techniques and current pavement analysis packages enstruct ensure that the pavement design provides the best possible outcome for the client.

The team also has a wealth of experience in the coordination of pavement jointing and use that experience to limit the potential for pavement failure due to restriction of pavement movement which is a common problem significantly reducing the durability of the pavement.

Key Projects:
Port Macquarie Hospital
Kempsey Hospital
Shellharbour City Hub

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