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Flood Risk Assessment

The importance of understanding flood impacts on a development and incorporating mitigation measures to reduce the risk of flood damage to properties has never been more relevant.

Flood Risk Assessments investigate both the impact a proposed development will have on existing flood levels and also the impact flood waters will have on the proposed development.  The assessment process also involves the design of mitigation measures required to prevent negative impacts from flooding on the proposed development and property up and downstream of the proposed development.

Many local and state authorities now require flood risk assessment reports in support of development applications.

enstruct's civil group have experience in the production of these assessment reports and have worked on a number of significant projects for authorities and private developers which required detailed investigation and discussion with authorities to produce a successful outcome for the client.

The team use state of the art modelling techniques to assess the flood impacts and the impacts of the mitigation measures ensuring the risk to development from flood waters is minimised.

Key Projects:
Eastwood Town Centre Drainage Augmentation Project
Hamilton Road Flood Risk Assessment
Green Square Flood Risk Assessment

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